Spend money on your Date, Not on Dating Apps.


Why Dately?

Dately was built with the goal to democratize dating by making it free and fair for all. We believe finding love should not be a game of chances and you deserve better, that is why there is no swiping in Dately. Privacy and trust is of the utmost importance to us and why in Dately, we encrypt your messages during transit and unlike other apps do not share your information with any other company or app. Join Dately and be part of the #freeandfairdating movement.

No Swiping

Yes you read that right, We do not rush you and throw random pictures at you with only one chance to connect. Dately shows all the amazing people around you so you can take your time to decide who you want to connect with.


No Deadlines

No 24 hour deadlines to respond. Love should not be rushed, right?


Get Matched

Find your match and break the ice with Dately’s fun icebreakers


Free Chat

Share pics, audio, video and more for free without the need to share your phone number


Be Safe

Verify your date with Dately’s free audio and video calling before meeting in person.


Get the Scoop

Check out your match’s profile view and get to know more about them.


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